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Our Solutions


Enabling dramatic, new value in oil and gas exploration by streamlining scheduling, operations, and reporting.



A real-time NERC compliance solution solving the challenges of CIP & 693 Compliance unmet by traditional GRC approaches.



Accelerate project cycle-time using a Methodology driven Project Management solution for continuous improvement projects.


Well Delivery Q&A Series in Review

Well Delivery Q&A Series in Review

Over the past 5 weeks, we’ve answered a number of common questions about our Well Delivery Solution in our Lunch & Learn Q&A Blog Series.We got such a positive response to the series that we put together a review of the questions and answers so that old and new readers alike can find the entire blog series in […]

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The SigmaFlow Difference

At SigmaFlow, we are all about Process Management – standardized methods that enable projects to excel along with support for the People who drive those projects to success.

We’ve applied our passion for Process Management to the Energy/Utilities Industry in two distinct areas, Upstream Oil & Gas from Well creation to tie-in and NERC Compliance for both CIP and 693. Both areas require domain-specific standardized process management and data & document management to efficiently reduce “time-to-oil” or to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Well Delivery
A standardized process to easily manage and track all pre-drilling activities including tasks, documents, rigs ­and your team.

For all your upstream well planning and rig scheduling requirements our Well Delivery Solution integrates process execution, rig scheduling, data & document management, and dashboards & reporting.

Our Solution is 80% ready from the start.  Meaning all the oil & gas domain specific knowledge for drilling and well planning including, processes, engineering document templates, information tasks, and best practices are preloaded into the solution – reducing implementation time.

Our solutions can be used stand-alone or integrated with other common oil & gas applications such as, WellView, Primavera, ARIES and other in-house systems.

Mitigate Risk – Shorten Timelines – Maximize Working Capital – Keep a Lean Team

Well Delivery, Well Planning & Rig Scheduling
NERC Compliance
A real-time evidentiary compliance management solution that solves the challenges of NERC CIP & 693 compliance unmet by traditional approaches.

A Closed-Loop approach to NERC CIP compliance management that enforces policies validates compliance and provides the evidence necessary for audit readiness.

Our Solution comes preconfigured with over 30 NERC CIP data-driven evidence reports, oversight and issue management dashboards and RSAW/Audit package generation.

One of the most difficult compliance challenges in 693 compliance is keeping up with the evidence for unscheduled events – things like disturbances, incidents, and information requests. With SigmaFlow, these events are managed in the solution to ensure that proper compliance rules are followed and that resulting evidence meets audit expectations.

Ask about our one-click RSAW generation.

NERC Compliance Managment
Project Management
Accelerate project cycle-time using a Methodology driven Project Management solution for continuous improvement projects. Project performance is elevated by including knowledge transfer into project execution.

Methodology Templates

SigmaFlow’s Project Management software features best practices built by subject matter experts and business users for a flexible, methodology-driven project management solution. Virtually any project methodology can be used with SigmaFlow, including Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, and others.

SigmaFlow can be used to support your organization’s favorite project methodology, methodology variation, or as a personalized solution to accommodate existing organizational behaviors.

Process Execution

Successful project management depends on project workspaces that encourage solution use, and simplify project work. Personalized workspaces with at-a-glance notification of pending tasks, notifications, and alerts.

Process Analysis & Design Tools

Improve end-user productivity, project quality and standardization with integrated process analysis tools that include, Process Mapping & Value Stream Mapping, Six Sigma tools, Statistics & Simulation.

Project Management, Process Improvement
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